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Montagnana Cello


Treble view, angledI completed this cello in 2003. It is modeled loosely on a Montagnana 1739 cello. The top wood is European Spruce, and the back is of Quilted Bigleaf Maple from the state of Washington.  The varnish contains a combination of oil and spirit elements.  The woodwork is not antiqued, but the varnish is shaded to appear to have many years of wear.  Its other attributes include a t-nut, a tailpiece and pegs by Eric Fouilhe' of Les Bois d'Harmonie, and my improved purfling design.  For details on these features see the Mysteries section or just follow the links.

Back view, angled
Back view
Belly view
f Hole
  Back of pegbox Front of pegbox Scroll
Side Treble
Side Bass